Key Issues for District 27

I believe these three points are the core issues we're dealing with in District 27. I will continue to update this page and refine each point with more actionable items soon.

Rising Taxes

Have you seen your property taxes increase? With infrastructure under pressure across the county, we need to avoid raising taxes on residents to pay for upgrades needed for such rapid growth.

Greenville County Council voted in favor of a historic tax increase in 2023, while they continue to offer tax breaks to corporations called FILOTs, fee in lieu of tax agreements. These agreements give a 40% tax break to big businesses moving to or expanding in the area. There is NO requirement that the jobs created come from within the county. There is little concern for the roads leading to these big developments. There is NO water line to reassess these tax breaks.

I would consider what impact these tax breaks are having to the budget, especially if the county is considering raising taxes on residents again.

Rising Population

Greenville county is seeing several hundred new residents every month. We know why Greenville is so great–low cost of living, small town feel, beautiful scenery, and the list goes on. It's a complex issue, but we need to devote ourselves to balancing this influx while preserving the core of what we call home.

250,000 new residents over the next 20 years.

That's a big number. Nearly double our current population. An ordinance that would require the planning commission to consider infrastructure, called Article 3.1 was scrapped. Many people feel like we're headed in the wrong direction and they feel the burden in higher taxes to pay for all the improvements needed. With such growth and low unemployment rates, we should consider slowing or ending incentives that would bring more growth.

The road fund of the County budget has seen withdrawals of several million dollars. The road fund allotment has even been decreased from 12 to 11 million dollars. We have to stop this siphoning of money away from where it's needed most.

Rising Frustration

When I speak to neighbors, a common complaint is that there is a disconnect between County Council and our District 27. Many people believe the needs of special interests come before our own. We can and we have to do better.

Residents are frustrated that they're not being listened to. Council members have full voice mail boxes, calls aren't returned and we're still expected to foot the bill for all of the projects Council wants to fund. I'm available. I live here with my family and I know the issues firsthand. I want to hear from you, and want your input to forge a new direction for District 27.

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