Citizen’s Viewpoint Survey

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1. Should Greenville County offer tax incentives (FILOT) to businesses that move here?

2. Should boys who identify as girls be allowed in the girl’s locker room?

3. Regarding gun control generally, do you support…

4. Recently the courts ruled that the $25 road fee collected by the County was illegal. Should the County refund those fees to taxpayers or use the money for the original purpose?

5. Should the Greenville County public library be permitted to provide sexually explicit books to children?

6. On the issue of abortion, do you consider yourself…

7. Should able-bodied adults be required to actively seek work in order to receive welfare?

8. Should County Council spend more to bring in new business?

9. Should County Council raise taxes to fix the roads?

10. Should County Council budget more money for Sheriff’s deputies to help crack-down on illegal immigration?

11. Do you support term limits for politicians in office for 20 years?

Overall do you think Greenville County is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction?

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