Rising Taxes

New road taxes & higher property values while County Council approves questionable spending.

Rising Population

We have a huge influx of new residents with infrastructure already at or over capacity to support growth. 

Rising Frustration

Same concerns mentioned again and again while residents feel as if no one is listening.

I'm running for Greenville County Council
District 27.

Being heavily involved in my community, I hear from neighbors and friends every day who bring up the same issues again and again. It’s widely felt that no one is listening.
Special interests have the priority and profit over the people, while our taxes increase.
Residents in District 27 are not against growth, but we want managed, balanced growth. We need to set a proper pace with the right infrastructure improvements, so we don’t lose what we love about our communities; from Fountain Inn to Simpsonville and Five Forks where I live.
My family and I have decided, with much prayer, to do our best to bring the voices of the people in District 27 to County Council and that’s why I’m running. To serve your needs.
Service is in my blood. Now retired from the US military after decades of service, I try to give back to my community. 
I know we have several difficult and complex problems to solve in Greenville County and I’m ready for the challenge.
I believe it is time for a new perspective, a fresh set of eyes and a constitutional and fiscal conservative.
Thank you for your support!

Meet Garey Collins

A retired veteran, constitutional conservative republican, husband and father of three,
I’m proud to call District 27 home. Service has always been a calling of mine and I am grateful for the opportunities I have to do so in my community.
Retired from the military, I now serve as a substitute teacher, on-call bus driver, YMCA youth coach and Special Needs Mentor.
Service is in my blood. And I hope that you’ll elect me to serve you at Greenville County Council.
We’ve got a lot of work to do.

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